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Mr. Tommy Chong (patient and advocate)
Introduction for the very first GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE.

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The "By Invitation Only" RoundTable is focused on establishing workable solutions that benefit German Medical Marijuana Patients.  

The goals of the GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE are simply to:

1- Provide a voice to the Patients of Germany... during the formation of national medical marijuana protocols aimed at helping them.

2- Provide a unbiased, patient-focused resource, for all Stakeholders to share information, gain knowledge and help develop workable solutions that directly benefit the Patients.

3- Be the "go-to-source" for educational seminars and events within Germany.  Our aim is to be a central clearing house, and facilitator of, Medical Marijuana educational events, seminars and activities by Stakeholders that directly benefit the Patients.

Agenda for the next meeting:

1- Introductions and patient updates from each member.

2- Establishment of first three subcommittees:

* Education

* Membership

* Fiduciary 

3- Open discussion, Educational events this summer, Patient updates 


GPR 01

GPR 01 March 8th, 1700-1930 Maritim Hotel, Berlin BY INVITATION ONLY

The German Patient RoundTable 

In advance of the ICBC-Berlin convention in April, the German Patient RoundTable has been created by Patients and their Advocates to facilitate a series of regional meetings leading to developing Patient-focused protocols and national solutions. 

Our Mission is to educate the population, assist patients and their caregivers, and motivate all stake holders to develop effective solutions for medical marijuana patients in Germany today.

Participation in the German Patient RoundTable is by invitation only and will include Representatives from each of the 7 main Stakeholder groups:

- Pharmacists  

- Physicians

- Patients (Clinics)

- Producers (Manufacturers)

- Distributors

- Advocates

- Other Partners

Each RoundTable includes:

- 5-minute presentations from each Stakeholder (in English)...what they do, how they help patients, their ideas for the future, what they need to be more effective.

- Video presentations from overseas, and within Germany from experts not able to attend in person.

- An extended break during the meeting for networking (and introductions) among participants.

- Open discussions, with the goal of developing an action plan for 2018 and beyond.

- The inaugural German Patient RoundTable will be held in Berlin on March 8th from 1700-1930 at the Maritim Hotel.  There is no charge to attend.


- The main Premise of the German Patient RoundTable is:

Medical Marijuana Patients are not effectively served today and need to be involved with the development of workable solutions for the future.


-  For further information please contact Phil Cenedella at (+49)0151.720.16752 ,



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