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Philip J. Cenedella IV


On March 10, 2017, an amendment to the Narcotic Drugs Act entered into force in Germany that allows doctors to prescribe cannabis ...and the job of helping patients in Germany began.

The European marijuana market is estimated to be worth more than $65 billion (56.2 billion in euros), according to the
European Cannabis Report. Germany’s medical marijuana market, only one year old, is valued at nearly $12 billion (10.2 billion in euros, according to the report.  The international legal marijuana market will reach $31.4 billion by 2021, according to a study by the Brightfield Group, a cannabis market research firm. London-based Prohibition Partners published its own research estimating that Europe’s medical and recreational markets could combine for close to $67 billion in a few years. The Brightfield study estimates that the global market is currently worth $7.7 billion but will see a compound annual growth rate of 60% as more nations launch legalized medical and recreational programs, Forbes reported. The United States is now responsible for 90% of global cannabis sales, but that market share will plummet by more than a third, to 57%, according to Brightfield’s report…………….   

Some of the topics that may be covered in the Report (based on our initial discussion) include: 

* “Value Innovation” concept 

* Project Roadmap and Action Plan 

* Business Plan and Strategic Direction 

* Permit Acquisition process 

* Governmental organizations involved 

* Capitalization required 

* Partnerships and Consultants 

* Legal Review 

* ROI and Financial Projections 

* Medical marijuana patient needs 

* Marketing and Advertising 

* Recreational marketplace in Germany 

* Worldwide market opportunities 

* Distribution 

* Product Categories 

* Cultivation Technologies 

* Site Selection 

* Corporate Structure considerations 

* Tax Liabilities 

* Milestone dates 

* Business Development activities 

* Internet presence and social media 

* Insurance 

* Banking 

* Vendor and supply issues 

* Stock Market and Acquisition Strategy 

* Competitive Analysis 

* GMP Certification and worldwide standards 

* Compliance and regulation issues 

* Organizations and Events to be aware of 

* Production levels and Quality Control 

* Manufacturing and Processing 

* Facility requirements and capabilities 

* White Label Manufacturing 

* Market Demand 

* Country-specific opportunities to Export 

* Product Roll-out 

* Media 

* Political  

* Celebrity Endorsement 

* Educational program  


Philip J. Cenedella IV
International Cannabis Consultant
Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate since 1977!

First and foremost, Phil is a patient advocate for 4 decades having grown up in New York during the Rockefeller Drug Law years, then establishing himself in San Diego during the push for legalization there in the’ 90s.  

Now he is situated in Germany during its historic transition into the leadership role of the European Cannabis industry. 

Phil is uniquely qualified to help you establish your international business strategy having served as a Founding Board Member of the World Trade Center San Diego, a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom, The California Trade and Investment Office, Deutsche Bank, IBM, San Diego Economic Development Board and many other entities.  

He puts his years of business development, sales and distribution expertise to work for you in a highly professional, ethical and effective manner.

Phil was born in Buffalo on the shores of the US/Canadian border, spent most of his life in San Diego overlooking the US/Mexico border, and now is living in Europe with its open borders and the opening of its legal Cannabis industry.    

As a C-level business development executive in the technology and construction sectors, and a Founding Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego and San Diego Software Council, Phil has facilitated and closed sales and strategic partnerships worldwide. 

Phil has also been Lead Consultant for the California Trade and Investment Office in Germany and catalyst for the CAL-IT Investment Forum in London. 

He has served as a consultant for IBM, George Clinton, Deutsche Telekom, iSeeTV,  San Diego Convention Center, FINDLAW, Chaparral Computers and Networks, San Diego Economic Development Corporation, Deutsche Bank and many others in the Cannabis space (to remain confidential).

Phil is a USA citizen with an EU Work/Residence Permit.  He has exactly 40 years of firsthand knowledge of all aspects of our Industry and is a C-level International business development specialist who is highly professional yet very easy to work with.  He provides your firm with Strategic guidance and the ability to help you to increase your sales channels, distribution networks, and strategic partnerships.


 Who is Phil: 
“Phil is an absolute professional. Flexible, hardworking and driven. His results were great and we highly recommend his services.” - BLF, NYC

“Phil has boundless enthusiasm and always applies 100% effort to all he does. Phil researched the US market for…. The USA became our best market by far, and I know that we would never have broken into that extremely tough market without Phil. His combination of broad based business knowledge, willingness to learn, team spirit and superb networking skills is very rare and extremely valuable. Always positive, he was a joy to work with. I thoroughly recommend him.” – GRB, UK 

"Phil Cenedella has been my contact for several years and I have found him to be the consummate professional. He will always promptly return a call or provide me an answer to an inquiry. He is always "on-it" and truly treats a client as if they were part of his extended family. It's very rare these days to find someone as dedicated to his business and his clients as Phil. Phil has all the characteristics of what I look for when I have occasion to be expanding my staff. He is honest to a fault, dedicated, sincere and is the paramount reason for my firm's continuing……." - DF ,USA

“Phil is the most personable, genuine, charismatic and effective business development manager I have had the pleasure to work with. He instills trust and confidence!”- JFL, EU

“Phil is family.” - George Clinton  

Volunteer Positions:    Founder, Dayton and La Jolla Human Trafficking Accords, Founder, St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Caroling and Limo Party, Volunteer, Americans for Safe Access, Advisor, City of Hope – Dubai  Key accomplishments:  Assisted with the freeing from prison a child victim of human trafficking serving life without parole, initiated Goldman Sachs’ divestment of a human-trafficking related publication, assisted advocates on the frontlines in Dubai, Ohio, California and elsewhere.

Education: 1984, University of Dayton B.A. Psychology, Music minor-emphasis  

Skill Level: 

Sales 98% 

Business Development 98% 

International  trade 98% 

Cannabis Industry 420%

Call +1.888.206.3264

Skype: philip.j.cenedella

eMail:  phil@cenedella.de 


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